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Surf Coast Air Action — Shut It Down Campaign

In the wake of an announcement by Alcoa to shut down its Point Henry aluminium smelter, a campaign was established by members of the Anglesea community to shut down its energy source—the ever polluting, outdated brown coal power station. The mine was located barely on the outskirts of Anglesea, just 500 metres from residential areas, and close to 1km from the local primary school.

The town of Anglesea is located along Victoria’s Surf Coast, situated 100km south-west of Melbourne. it is surrounded by Anglesea Heath—remnant native vegetation rich in biodiversity, and home to 80 different species of native orchid. The critically endangered orange bellied parrot migrates here every winter from Melaleuca in South West Tasmania.

The coal mine was located within the Anglesea Heath. Instead of fulfilling its obligation to rehabilitate the National Heritage-listed Anglesea Heath, Alcoa planned to sell its mining lease and ageing coal power station.

The community shared concern about the health and environmental impacts of the coal mine, and rallied to Shut It Down! Bold protest graphics in black and white were created to present a united front, and rally the community. In May 2015, Alcoa announced that it was unable to find a buyer for the plant, and would close the coal mine in August 2015. Closure occurred on 31 August 2015.